You’ve started a new chapter in your life and you’ve already hit a rough patch. Try these 3 tips to get back on track!
Can you relate?

You’ve started a new chapter in your life and you’ve already hit a rough patch. Try these 3 tips to get back on track!


You launched your website or applied to that dream job and/or paid for that gym membership!  It feels so good, you can’t believe it took you so long to do it! Now you can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Then, cue the meddling mind.

Is anyone besides your mom even going to read your blog?

You’re not qualified for that job!

That gym membership’s a waste of money, you’re never going to use it.

You’re in way over your head, there’s so much more work to do– how did you ever think you could pull this off?

I know that voice all too well. After I hit publish on my first blog post, I felt euphoria– the moment I’d been waiting for had come. I thought the process from there on out was going to be relatively smooth sailing: write a post about the meddling thoughts in our mind, edit it, publish it, rinse and repeat. Yeah I knew obstacles were hurdling my way but I didn’t think they would arrive as soon as they had and as quickly as they did. It felt like I had ploughed through fog and finally found a clearing that was quickly replaced by more fog. Annoying? Absolutely. Did I learn something? You betcha! It confirmed a belief I have about life: for every chapter you experience in your life, there will be an entrance and an exit exam.

New level, new devil

When the new set of obstacles presented themselves I reflected on how shocked I was, how many of us expect minimal testing and challenges from God/the universe (or whichever ultimate energy source you prefer!) asking if we’re truly ready for it? And why are those challenges too often viewed negatively?

Here’s an idea, we should appreciate them! …Hear me out.

Those hurdles equip us with the tools and skills we need to reach our goals, be a better version of ourselves and help others do the same. For example, you gathered the courage to talk to a friend you were upset with despite the fact that you dislike confrontation or you passed that university course with a B+ despite the fact that you failed the first 2 midterms (I can definitely relate to that one!). You learned that confrontation isn’t so bad when you approach the situation from a place of love and support, and organic chemistry’s got nothing on you but you’ll be damned if you binge watch that addictive show the night before your tests again!

One more thing. The challenge that came from completing one stage was just for that stage alone, in other words, it didn’t mean that everything was going to be smooth sailing simply because you were able to get over that one hump, that one time! It wouldn’t be worth it if it was that easy. You can view the obstacles you face in the next stage as a reminder to apply the  lessons you learned in the previous stage as well as an assessment of your emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually well-being to help you see the areas you are doing well in and the areas you need to improve on.

Don’t see these obstacles as an attack on you or believe that it is God/the universe saying that you don’t deserve what you’re striving for, that is the farthest thing from the truth. If you’re genuinely trying to put good out into the world the obstacles you face are meant to help push you forward not pull you back.

So new level, new devil? That’s one way to look at it, another is new lessons, more blessings.

The beauty is that our life’s journey is always a work in progress but you have to be there for you. And be preparedddddd!

What are you waiting for? Get Moving Already!

Doing provides more results than thinking. Make a pledge to yourself in writing that says something like,

“If I should become afraid, anxious and overwhelmed, I, [insert name] will do these 3 things [insert 3 actionable steps] to get back into the groove because once I’m able to push pass those doubts and meddling thoughts, there will be no room for them since they exist in a world of stagnance.”

Once you’ve done that, work on these 3 tips to get back on track.

  1. Be in the moment. Seriously. Like…actually. Close your eyes, pick out 5 different sounds you can hear. Then focus on what you smell, inhale deeply then exhale and open your eyes. Be here, with me, right now. Live in the now. How much time was there to think about what happened 10 minutes ago or what might happen an hour from now when you did that? Ideally, your answer is no time. If you actually did that exercise, you’re already taking one step into the right direction. Now, actually DO the exercise. Seriously. Like…actually. Just try it.
  2. Have faith. Believing in what you can’t see just yet. You want to be mentored by the CEO of a company you admire but you don’t know how that’s going to happen, have faith and believe that there is a way for you to achieve that goal. We can only begin to imagine why and how things happen the way they do in this world which means your dreams can be achieved! The first step is to have faith and believe in the not-yet-seen.
  3. Do 5 minutes of your project everyday. No, let’s start even smaller…2 minutes. Of productive work only. Don’t set a 2-minute timer, do busy, irrelevant work and then finally open up your laptop to answer those emails with 5 seconds left on the timer. No excuses are acceptable, you can find 2 minutes to do something related to your project. The keyword here is do.

*BONUS TIP: Educate yourself with empowering material, there are many books, audiobooks, podcasts, blogs like this, Youtube videos and much more geared towards personal development. A few recommendations are

These women have helped reshaped by mindset for the better, I believe you’ll gain some great insight from their wisdom.

“It’s OKAY to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.” – Mandy Hale

You got this. You really do.

No matter which part of the journey you’re on: the very beginning, the middle or the tail end, you can guarantee that the thoughts in your mind will be there to meddle in your business and attempt to make you believe that the stage you’re at is all that there is.

Except we all know that’s a lie!

You are making a difference, what you have to say matters. You wouldn’t be dreaming about this as much as you have been if you didn’t believe that. Be in the moment, take things one step or 5-minutes at a time, have faith and believe that with hard work and persistence, the rest will fall into place. This part is crucial when you’re having difficulty finding the light at the end of the tunnel.

What you don’t want to do is regret. You’re living in your purpose, you have a gift that needs to be shared with the world because you are the only one that can provide it. You are the only you that is and ever will be!!! Let me say that one more…with emphasis: YOU ARE THE ONLY YOU THAT IS AND EVER WILL BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IN OTHER WORDS, there’s only one you in this world.

AKA You’re doing yourself and the world a disservice if you’re not fulfilling your potential.

Put yourself out there again ….and again and again because someone will be there waiting to repay you with love, support and acceptance every time.  

Share your projects in the comment section, I’d love to encourage you!

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    I’m all for 5 minutes at a time. I love that line about an entrance and exit exam. I’ll have to mull that one over!

    1. Elle Rosher

      Yeah, it’s definitely a concept that helps me put the challenges I face into perspective! I’m glad you found this post useful 🙂

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      Hey! Thank you, I’m glad you liked it! Life is full of ups and downs. We know how to enjoy the ups more than the downs so I figured a few tips on how to navigate through the low parts would be useful!

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