Your Mind is a Force to be Reckoned With!

Your Mind is a Force to be Reckoned With!


We are fantastic creatures!

Creatures blessed with the powerful command centre we have at work up at our north end. This mental machinery is an incredible force… when we use it correctly. But the reality is that we live in a world that screams over-stimulation.

In 5 minutes, we can be notified of a potential nuclear attack, an awkward and unintentional publicized meant-to-be-private tweet, the latest celebrity club brawl, 12 cute cat videos, 3 emails about an upcoming sale, the shipment of your Amazon package and a knock on the door from your mother who just has to show you this hilarious Facebook video she saw (Sorry mom, but you do that a lot). Pick a different emotion for each task mentioned and there you have a 5 – minute rollercoaster of just too many feels. I’ve never been on a tilt-a-whirl but with the mental ones I ride daily…I don’t think I need to! It is no surprise then that our minds process an exceptional load of information which can make us feel like we’re adrift in a raft on a stormy, cold night at sea.

Give your mind some credit.

We have the ability to make our minds a force to be reckoned with. Our mental health is invaluable, our sanity is irreplaceable. The main battle lies in our thoughts. We can make ourselves excited, energized, fearful, awestruck, worried, mesmerized and bored all in an instant. Those thoughts affect our feelings and emotions which in turn, affects our actions.

The successes of high-performance athletes, Nobel Prize-winning scientists and world-class competitors aren’t flukes. Their mindsets outcompete the obstacles that self-doubt, worry and anxiety (just to name a few) put in front of them.

Or think about the miraculous stories of chronically-ill patients who’ve beaten the odds and far exceeded their doctors’ expectations. In addition to following doctor’s orders, their positive outlook can have a tangible role in their healing. Those patients believed in their chances of survival and refused to succumb to any thought that inhibited that belief. It’s impossible to deny that self-awareness, grit, perseverance, consistency, self-love etc are positive assets to have.

Why Bother?

There’s more to accomplish on this Earth than passing the time and leading mediocre lives. We are creative beings, we are intelligent beings, we have such a high degree of potential we can reach if we really want to.

There’s more to life than spending most of the days doing what we despise because we’ve been led to believe that that’s all there is to experience. We’re already one step in the right direction because we’re alive and that has to count for something. So then think about how much more amazing it would be to have a fulfilling life that makes us excited to wake up and own our day! A life that gives us the chance to make a difference in other people’s lives, learn how to be a better version of ourselves and help this world become the place that we dream of it being.

We hear the saying, “be the change you want to see in the world,” except we don’t do it because we think that our actions won’t make a difference. But that’s just a limiting belief, the meddling mind in action. There’s a reason why the motto on a Election Day,  is “ your vote counts.” Or how about the smile we see when we give someone a compliment, or maybe the positive feeling that we didn’t see but was passed on to improve another person’s day.

I’m physically strong, how am I doing mentally?

Just Start.

Whatever project it is you’re working on:

  • Becoming a better version of yourself
  • finding that dream job
  • starting your own business
  • starting up your blog
  • rekindling old friendships
  • Increasing your time management skills

understand that the part of your mind that’s meddling to steer you off course is simply the mind that is fearful of change, because change brings uncertainty and the unknown.  

Not anymore.

Here at the MeddlingMind Blog, you’re going to see how much your thoughts interfere with your purpose on this Earth. You are invaluable. There is no one else like you on this planet nor will there ever be. You, my friend, are one of a kind. So it follows that only you can bring the change you’re going to bring to the world. No one has the right to tell you otherwise and that includes your meddling mind.

Before You Go

Let this moment be the start of you showing up to do your part. Before you get pulled back into the over-stimulation of this world, take action and make a change in your life. Put one positive thought in front of the other until you have a whole of slew of encouraging thoughts. Remember that you are important, there’s a purpose for you to be here. It’s time to make your meddling mind step aside or be on your side.