Fireworks, new year!

Reflecting on the 2018 Holiday Season

Count on the holiday season to test every emotion possible.

I think I’ve finally made a full recovery from Christmas:  I needed an entire week to get back on track but it’s New Year’s Eve and my mind is swimming with goals and dreams for 2019.  


I’ve loved the idea of Christmas since I was a little girl,

  • All of the presents!
  • All of the smiles and belly- laughs,
  • All. Of. The. Food
  • Christmas songs and movie classics–Home Alone anyone?

The reality of it, on the other hand, had a strong dose of mayhem which turned me into a meh- fan of Christmas. I must say though, this year was different, I started playing Christmas music in October!

Ever since I can remember, my Christmases have consisted of planning which parents’ house I was going to spend the day at– “I was at my mom’s for Christmas last year, so that means I’ll be at my dad’s this year.” There were (and still are) perks like experiencing Christmas morning and opening presents twice but there were several instances where I wished I had a doppelganger (Not to be confused with the movie “Us, those doppelgangers are creeeepy!) to be in all the places I was needed, especially when I added my partner to the mix. When I became old enough to choose where I wanted to be, the pressure to be everywhere at once only got worse… ‘til I realized that my negative attitude made the holidays less enjoyable..

Your outlook makes a difference.

It’s fascinating how our minds can create these less-than-desirable visions of the future. When the day finally comes, we either realize that the situation isn’t as bad as we thought it was going to be or our worst fears come true and we experience in real-time the chaos we imagined all week.

I know better than to dread Christmas. For one, I almost always end up having a good time; two, I almost always enjoy the food, three, I almost always look back wondering why I ever had negative feelings towards it in the first place and four, I know that my dread only makes matters worse.

Our mindset makes or breaks the outlook we have on our circumstances therefore it’s important to get a good grip on it.

I’ve come to realize that Christmas isn’t always a happy holiday for some. It can be tough, sad and stressful. I believe that those emotions are warranted and you can give me a whole 10ft scroll list of reasons why you’d rather just buy a ticket as far away as possible and ride out the Christmas storm. However, if you tried real, real hard there are reasons you could come up with that makes you excited for the day.

I’ve begun channeling each difficult moment as a way to grow. If I can get through this, I can handle anything.

This season continues to remind me that I have full control over my reactions. I can go into a situation with an open mind or I can get stuck recalling the past subconsciously expecting history to repeat itself. Once Christmas has passed that haze of its’ stress is lifted and I can see clearly again.

It’s all a process. It’s not gonna be learned the first few times and it might not even sink in the first hundred times however, with continual practice, improvements will be made.

So long 2018…

This year turned out to be a great one!

I had a good feeling about 2018 from the beginning, and it didn’t disappoint.

The biggest lesson the year taught me was to be patient and slow down. Anyone who lives by the saying “Patience is a virtue,” has already succeeded in this life in my opinion.

Initially, I had thought 2018 was going to be a whirlwind of new, big and successful ventures…startup a blog and make it super duper successful; startup my mindset coaching business and make that even more successful. But God taught me that lots of patience, lots of work sowing the seeds followed by plenty of rest will lead to the results I want to see.

The catch?

All of that takes time. Lots of it. A foundation needs to be firm for the success of any goal.

I experienced resistance at a level I never knew possible. I didn’t even know I was experiencing resistance until I read about it in a book. The hesitation, the worry, the crippling fear, the doubt — is supposed to happen with each new adventure. How could it not? Those chances signify growth–just think about resistant bands, you strengthen your muscle each time you use them and when you move up a level of difficulty once your body has gotten used a level.
And the exciting and nerve-wracking part is that there is still a whole lot to learn.

My 2 greatest accomplishments were starting this blog and registering my coaching business. I’m so grateful I took those steps, they were actually much harder than I thought they’d be. A large part of me wanted to be further along in both of those ventures by now, but I understand that the best things take time to build. No rush is necessary.

This year has also been incredibly hard. I faced many challenges, the 2 greatest ones were developing tendonitis in both hands from overworking and failing to listen to my body; and going through the painstakingly slow process of healing (still going through that). I haven’t let that challenge bother me. As a matter of fact, I use it to my advantage and as a reminder, when my body is tired, I must rest it.

As for 2019…

I’m ready for it to begin. I’m hitting the ground running, no looking back. I’ve learned all I needed in 2018 to make 2019 my best year yet! My word of the year is Follow-through. Stay true to my word and make decisions that match my values.

I know that it’s going to be your best year for you too! Remember to set those S.M.A.R.T goals, regularly refer back to your action plan and make sure your accountability partners are ready to go but most of all, get your mindset right- think positive and keep moving forward.

Happy New Year!

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