New Year, New Decade, New You?

New Year, New Decade, New You?

30 days down, 336 to go. How are you feeling?

New Year, New decade, new you. Is that true?

Are you still reveling in that energy you felt at the end of last year? Are you making moves and living each day with intention and gratitude?

Maybe you didn’t feel that excited going into the new decade and you’re still trying to find that thing that’ll get you out of the rut you’re in.

This week’s news about the helicopter crash that took the lives of Kobe Bryant, his teenage daughter, Gigi and seven other passengers sent a jolt through my system: life is precious and very short. That Kobe, a decorated athlete who successfully tapped into his potential in basketball and still had even more potential to do soar even higher was taken way too soon. Especially Gigi and her teammates on that plane… who knows where their lives would have taken them.

Life is a short journey meant to be lived out well.

Yet so many of us live our lives as if tomorrow is guaranteed. We assume that we’ll be back tomorrow.

I chose execution as my word for this year. I have spent years and years from the time I was in grade school, to university and when I graduated only thinking and dreaming about what I wanted for myself.

As it stands now, all I have to show for this mental work are … more thoughts, dreams and the tiniest ounce of progress. Hardly any tangible results to match the length of time I spent in my head coming up with my plans.

Have you ever asked where you would have been now had you been taking consistent action from the time the idea came to mind? Of course! We all have. At one point in time we have all said, “I know I should do ‘x’ “, then never do or we start then stop shortly after.

But it’s not just “take some action” is it? That’s not enough. We don’t make it that simple.  

It’s a cycle.

It’s our thoughts, our feelings towards those thoughts followed by our actions that produce a particular result. From there, action inspires us to continue on our journey and motivates us to sustain the momentum we’ve created.

There are people who work so hard and don’t have time to reap the earnings they’ve sowed; there are those who have tapped into their potential and are gone too soon and then there are people who wish and dream but don’t get much further than that.

The beauty about all of this is, for those still on this earth is that we get to start over.

Every. Single. Day.

Each morning we wake up is God/Universe saying,

“Hey, here’s another chance, another shot, what are you going to do with it?”

Are you going to…

Show yourself some compassion?

Take that chance?

Be you, all the way through?


Hide who you are?

Internalize your pain?

Be unkind to yourself?

Show yourself grace.

Too often we’re hard on ourselves because our current position doesn’t align with where we want to be. I’ll spend hours just annoyed at myself about what I could’ve accomplished in the time I spent moping around.

Aka, wasting precious time.

New year, new decade, new you. What does that look like?

Who do you need to be for yourself?

How do you need to show up for yourself?

How will you help yourself understand that you need to be taken care of?

What is the mindset shift you need to have to feel energized, to take the necessary action to produce the result you want?

It’s a loaded question. Sorry not sorry LOL. Ask yourself this, regularly. Challenge the narratives that you attach your worth to. Push back against them. Set boundaries and have a criteria that allows you to vet the different thoughts you’re tempted to attach yourself to.

You want to think differently. You want to be yourself.

The first step is to sit down, embrace your current state and have a conversation.

I absolutely love it when we continue the conversation in the comments. What’s one takeaway you have from this post?

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