For the women-identifying millennials who want to live their best bold & liberated life (’cause ouu, do you serve that!)…

What if you had the freedom to do what you want WITHOUT the stress and worry of what others will think…

…and had a mindset coach to guide you along the way, hold you accountable and help you overcome your need to constantly seek approval?

Let me first just say that I am celebrating you! Yes, you! For showing up. I know, it's not're always helping others out and putting their needs infront of your own. But now you see that there's more and you're here, exploring what that could look like. This most definitely deserves be to celebrated!

Welcome Liberty, my 1:1 coaching program

Do you:

  • feel guilty for putting your well-being first?
  • second-guess your decisions?
  • struggle to ask for help?
  • feel responsible for other people’s opinions?
  • feel drained giving so much of yourself to others?
  • go out of your way to avoid confrontation?

What if you got to:

  • Learn how to prioritize your well-being
  • Build the self-awareness to catch the downward spirals before they send you self-doubting, second-guessing
  • Unlearn your need to please others & seek approval
  • Feel empowered to say “no” to the things and people that don’t serve you well
  • Honour your needs and desires
  • Set clear boundaries that protect your peace and energy
  • Trust your own decisions
  • Be unbothered by their unsolicited advice
  • Feel comfortable communicating your needs

If we haven’t met on the ‘gram or in real life on a stroll around the neighbourhood…

Hey, I’m Junielle (pronounced Juh-neil) but I go by Elle — mindset coach for millennial women, romance novel lover, Oh Henry fanatic (even though I’m lactose-intolerant) and major One Tree Hill fan (Naley, always and forever).

If you asked me 5 years ago where I’d be now, I’d say that I was well on my way to becoming a pediatrician (I have a neuroscience degree and love helping people). But now I can genuinely say that 90% of the pediatrician dream was really me trying to make my family happy.  Enter in the people-pleasing.

I might as well have been an Olympic contortionist because I was bending over backwards, dividing my time and energy in ridiculously complex ways to make others happy.

I wanted to be accepted and doubted that being my true self would be enough so I became a chameleon, molding myself into whatever I thought was expected of me. 

I became the girl who was

  • “easy-going”
  • flexible
  • “super nice”

In my eyes, perfection made me likeable (hello warning signs) and so I did my best to do everything right. 

It was exhausting!

Then in my first year of university, I was put on academic suspension for a year. I couldn’t hide anymore…I wasn’t doing well and it showed. 

That’s when things began to shift.

Within the next 7 years, I:

  • met my partner Matt, the first person I saw who really didn’t give a damn what others thought about him
  • graduated from university
  • began putting my well-being first
  • started speaking up for myself 

These experiences birthed my desire to create and help other millennial women like you, live their lives the way they want REGARDLESS of what others think…

…to learn that they are every bit as deserving of all they need and want…

…and their well-being doesn’t need to be sacrificed to help others thrive.

Imagine a pie the size of the earth, there’s enough for everyone to get a chunky slice. 

With my coaching, there’s a healthy balance of sugar (encouragement & accountability) and spice (tough love and breakthroughs, even the uncomfortable ones). I’ll be there to guide you along the way.


The Process

4 Modules, 6 Months​

Months 1 & 2

Know Your Worth

Months 3 & 4

Rewrite your Narrative

Month 5

Focus on what you can control

Month 6

Mindset Toolkit (Boundaries, Self-Care)

One last thing...

You’re the best cheerleader to those around you and I know that there are moments when you wonder what it would be like if you were your own greatest cheerleader.

So let’s take a moment to envision it now then, yeah?

If you were your #1 fan, you’d fill your cup with the things you love, the people who love and accept you wholeheartedly.

You’d trust your decisions even when the naysayers give you their two cents (of unsolicited advice, ugh)…

…you’d show yourself love, compassion and celebrate the fact you’re on the right track.

And listen, I know that sometimes it’s scary to do your own thing because getting an ounce of rejection is uncomfortable. 

But their rejection doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It can simply mean that you two agree to disagree and there’s no harm in that.

You’ve spent A LOT of time being whatever version of yourself was necessary to fit their expectations. It’s not easy to let that go and change route, it took me a while to shift myself and it’s possible which is all you need to take that next step.

If you experience this world as a woman, you’ve been congratulated when you:

  • don’t speak up
  • don’t question the rules
  • take care of everybody else and put yourself last
  • are really REALLY nice
  • are non-confrontational

In other words, when you mold yourself to what everyone expects of you.

But the truth is you’re not living for them. You’re a beautiful soul who has dreams, aspirations, and a purpose of your own. 

There is no need for you to sacrifice them. 

As a matter of fact, you DESERVE to fulfill them. 

The world needs YOUR power.

When you honour your needs and desires, you shine! 

You become the best version of yourself … your true self.

That’s why I created Liberty. It contains the exact process I went through to become someone who is no longer held back by opinions, even when they try to get the best of me. I’m now equipped with the mindset tools and practices that prioritizes my well-being. 

I want that for you too. 

No matter what you decide, please know that I’m rooting for you every step of the way.

When life gets loud and topsy turvy, read this letter to remind yourself that you are worthy, your power is irreplaceable and you can do this. 

With love,