Welcome to Liberty

Live your life the way you want

even when they have something to say about it

Calling all women and femmes of colour

What if you could honour your need for rest, and block out your calendar without the nagging thought that you technically could be doing something more "useful"? Would you finally let go of other's opinions of you?

What if you could say “no” to their Santa’s list of favours and release the need to “always be there” and “be reliable” all the time?

Imagine if you wore your hair however you felt like it to work knowing full well that you’d look different from majority of the folks there, how freeing would that be?!

You’re stretched in so many different directions and none of those allow you the time, energy and freedom to even consider what you might want for yourself. 

Every time you drop whatever you’re doing to help somebody else’s non-emergency task, you are stating that you come second… if that.

Your cup deserves to be full just like everyone else’s, but if you’re constantly pouring into their cup, when will you get the chance to start living…for you?

Well lemme tell you, your chance is now! You’re about to embark on a new adventure called, 

Reconnecting to you!

Like hanging out with an old friend you haven’t seen in a while and feeling like no time has passed.

If your curiosity’s piqued, keep reading my friend. 

The fact that you’re here says that you’ve done the first step, acknowledging that you want a change. So let’s keep this momentum going, shall we?

It’s time you got to feel the warm sunlight beaming down on you, knowing that you’re living your life the exact way you’ve always dreamed of. 

Does this sound familiar?

You just got home and you have a PLAN:

  1. Unbutton your pants 
  2. Flop onto the couch and let your body melt into it

Then, you get an email from your boss/client that reads “URGENT” in the subject line. Before you even know it, you’re in the email partially hyperventilating and frantically trying to obey the orders while recognizing that is so not urgent!  

But, here you are running to their beck and call because..

  1. You did not communicate your boundaries
  2. When they did violate your boundaries, you still did not say anything
  3. You want to be in their good books 

IF you’re nodding along, chances are you’re “THE FIXER”. You’re the person who is always there when they need you but hold up,


This Might Explain It

Five Reasons Why It's Hard for You to Prioritize Your Needs...

It really doesn’t matter who: your parents, your partner, your children, the stranger you held the door for.
You learned from a very young age that you were safer when no one was upset with you, so you go out of your way to ensure this.

The last thing you want is to be seen as selfish, so you overcorrect by being extremely selfless except now people are treating you like a doormat.

You may not have learned that you are entitled to your personal space, and others should honor that. When someone oversteps, warning signals are going off but you don’t even know how to address them. 

You know you’re wanted when people need you, but when they don’t appear to be in distress, you usually take that as your cue to get lost.

You never want to be considered a burden or feel like you’ll be in their debts, so you do things on your own whenever you can and tend to quickly decline any offers of help. 

You just keep saying....

With all the daydreams and fantasies you have of freely showing up as your authentic self, isn't it about time you stopped letting their opinions dictate the way you live your life?

You deserve to make decisions that feel GOOD and RIGHT to you. People will have their opinions one way or another and it’s okay if they don’t get it. 

You deserve to always have your cup full. You are your greatest asset, which means you need just as much love and nurturing (technically more) you give to others.

You deserve to know what true peace and joy really feels like. You get that  by trusting yourself completely and listening to your body. No more doubting.

I've Been There Too Friend

Good news, if you're still reading this, you're closer thank you think!

Awareness is the first step. You recognize that there’s more out there for you. You’ve tried doing everything you thought would make them accept you, hoping that you would also be fine, but it’s still not enough. 

"I felt like I couldn’t trust anyone with my problems, and I had no one to vent to. I don’t usually like to complain about my problems, but I felt like I would explode if I didn’t share what I was going through with someone. I found myself in a particular situation that was draining me, a repetitive occurrence - every time I decided to take a stand and express my feelings to a friend, I felt like I just couldn’t put the words together. Elle taught me how to communicate clearly. Now I was actually able to have effective and meaningful conversations. I finally felt in control of my situation. Elle is really easy to talk to, I never felt judged or ‘evaluated’... as I have felt with previous services. She REALLY listens. She was helping me get to the place I needed to get to faster. "
- Nouna S.

Introducing Liberty

Stop overthinking and start trusting yourself enough to finally do the dang thing

An 40-day 1:1 high touch coaching program with Elle Rosher to know your worth, confront your fears and re-write the whole narrative.

✔Weekly 1:1 coaching calls 

Voxer accountability and support 

Weekly lessons

Weekly journal prompts

Liberty is right for you if:

✔ You struggle to express yourself and your culture out of fear that your friends, co-workers won’t get it and will judge you

✔You don’t quite know who you are because you spent so much time being the model friend/child/parent/ boss/partner

✔You work well when you’re supported and held accountable, cause you have a sneaky habit of acting like everything’s okay when you’re actually very…very overwhelmed

✔You’re primarily driven by the ‘should’s and ‘have to’s instead of the “ I want” and the “this feels good and right for me”s

✔ You say “yes” to all the favours and invitations when you really want to say “no”

✔You’re indecisive, constantly doubting your decisions, which often leads to you seeking approval and validation

✔Your top 2 fears are getting rejected and making a mistake, because you believe it’ll mean something bad about you

Liberty is not for you if:

❌You have no problem saying “no”, you know what’s for you and what just isn’t

❌You don’t take rejection and failure personally, you keep it pushing

❌ You don’t care what others think about the decisions you make for yourself

❌You don’t believe one can be “too nice/kind/caring”

❌You pride yourself on “fitting in”

"I'm someone who has perpetually aspired to help others above myself. I used to constantly provide great advice for stuff then never practice what I preach. I knew things were changing when I felt like I could finally offer advice not just because I mentally knew it was the right thing to do but because it was something that I was now doing for myself. I just feel wonderful being able to actively implement the mindset tools and keep consistent about it. I still have moments where I don't give myself the benefit of the doubt or don't provide myself grace. However, as opposed to that part of me being so dominant it my life, it's more or less on the back burner now and only presents itself every so often. Working with Elle has changed my overall outlook on how I treat myself which in turn allows me to live a more fulfilled life. If you're struggling as a people pleaser, you'll benefit immensely from her coaching!"
- Emma D.

Module #1


How long have you put their needs in front of your own?

People-pleasing is a fear response that says you’re safe and protected once you keep the peace and make others happy with you. This was helpful when you were a child but as an adult, this response prevents you from being your true self. 

Learn how to: 

  • reduce negative self-talk 
  • bring awareness to the unhelpful stories around your worth 
  • reconnect with your values and principles 
  • improve self-awareness

Module #2


Your belief system affects the way you think, feel and act. It dictates how we carry ourselves, what we think about our capabilities, what we believe we deserve. If you believe you have the right to say “no”, you will, and if you don’t, you won’t. 

Learn how to:

  • lose the guilt of putting your needs first
  • understand the origin of your limiting beliefs
  • overcome your fear of rejection 
  • trust yourself and the decisions you make 

Module #3


Have you ever ghosted someone instead of having a civil conversation?

Not all confrontation will be fun, and none have to be aggressive (from your side anyway). While you can’t control what they do, you can control how you act and react

Learn how to:

  • discern your own feelings from theirs
  • prioritize your needs guilt-free
  • face your feelings 
  • quiet your inner critic

Module #4


Do you know the secret to a peaceful and joyful life?

Clear and healthy boundaries – inside and out. They are the fence that allow you the space to honour your needs. They help you protect your peace, personal space and send a clear signal to others to respect them. 

Learn how to:

  • define your triggers
  • set and maintain healthy boundaries
  • confidently say “no” without the guilt 
  • course-correct when boundaries are violated


👉🏾 A 60- minute boundary audit. The holidays are coming up and let’s be honest, there are gonna be invites (the online and virtual kind) from family, friends and co-workers. During this hour, we’ll go through one specific boundary you’d like to implement confidently.

👉Access to the workshops hosted by Elle during your 40 days together. You get a reserved front-row seat to the events scheduled for the rest of 2021!

If you pay in full:

👉🏿A 60-minute session to map out the next 40 days. This is a big commitment, and that means the fear and doubt will kick in as you step further and further out of your comfort zone. During this call, we’re going to walk through those fears, and create a step-by-step plan to manage those voices when they get loud. 

👉🏽An extra 2-weeks of Voxer support. When the mindset blocks flare up, you’ll have Elle in your pocket to coach you through them. You’ll have that additional accountability, insight and tool to get you ready to roll in 2022! 

"I was struggling with a serious lack of confidence and a need to please other people that was affecting the way I showed up in my work and with others. There was a complete lack of knowledge as to how to overcome these obstacles that I felt almost paralyzed because I didn't know how to take the first step towards fixing it. I loved how Elle was able to simplify bigger concepts into relatable action steps that made it easier to work towards my ultimate goal. She always comes from a place of compassion and truly wants us to do the necessary work to become our best selves. Although I don't necessarily think my problem is solved (I'm constantly a work in progress), knowing that I have her support and can turn to her when I don't know how to make sense of it all - because she'll be there to break everything into manageable chunks and better guide me to the next step I need to take - has made all the difference."
- Larissa N.

Our Guarantee

When you enrol in Liberty, you commit to immersing yourself in the mindset work, showing up to your eight 1:1 calls and taking action to embody your new thought patterns and beliefs. IF, after giving it your all, you don’t see a change in your personal development, or feel energized and more like yourself, you’ll be reimbursed for the remainder of the service not used.


$ 997
  • 8 x 1:1 Coaching Calls
  • Weekly Voxer support
  • Weekly Lessons
  • Resource Library
  • 2 and 3-month payment plans


$ 1097
  • 8 x 1:1 Coaching Calls
  • Weekly Voxer support + an additional 2 weeks
  • Weekly Lessons
  • Resource Library
  • 2 and 3-month payment plans


Yes, when you put the work in. It’s not going to be a walk in the park, however, you will have the resources, tools, coaching and additional support necessary to help you get where you want to go. If you can entertain the possibility of seeing incredible results, you’re well on your way there.

I get that. This program was originally a 6 month program but I tweaked it to 8 weeks to make it more attainable and affordable (6 months can feel like forever). There’s never a perfect time, and it may be a financial stretch, but how much is it currently costing you to not invest in yourself? There are places you want to go and that requires you leaving your comfort zone, and taking the leap.

The very fact that you’re here reading this says more than you think. You don’t need to know exactly where you want to go in order to take the first step. The vision you have for yourself will build out as your mindset shifts which Liberty will help you uncover.

Mindset is one part as it jump starts everything. The action is the second but crucial piece. You can know all of the things but not implement them. In Liberty, accountability and support are large components. It’s a team effort making sure that you follow through on your transformation.

Holding space for you here, because I feel that. It’s not easy, there will be challenging conversations and shifts that occur as a byproduct of your change. However, they will always have something to say about what you do, and it’s not your job to make others comfortable with the decisions you make. The people who accept you for who you are will be there for you.

Wow, that feeling’s real – I’ve definitely been there. You weren’t put on this earth just to live for somebody else and be so fearful of doing anything that was self-indulgent or selfish because of the judgment you may receive. You are worth the time, energy, love, care, affection, support you give to those you care about. You don’t have to earn your worth, and you most certainly never need to prove your worth. It’s already there. It’s always been there but you weren’t given the chance to fully see that. Now’s a wonderful time to change this for yourself.

Ok, I'm ready for a call, what happens next?

☎Once you click the button, you’ll be directed to my calendar  

📞There you’ll book a 45-minute call at a time and date that works best for you

Make sure you add this call to your calendar, you won’t want to miss this 

📧You’ll get an email confirmation 

💃🏽 If we both agree that this is a great fit for you, we both do a happy dance 

📧You’ll receive an email that’ll direct you to complete payment

✨We get you set up and onboarded into Liberty!

Still on the fence? Here's 7 reasons why you're ready for Liberty...

You (and your family and heck, the world it feels) have high expectations of how you should act and be (nothing lower than perfect), and at this point your true self is hiding while you perform

Tired of feeling pressure to fulfill the school-degree-marriage-house-have kids narrative but you’re unsure how to find the path that brings you joy

You’re just not fulfilled, and you have a suspicion that what you’re looking for is on the other side of your comfort zone but you’re scared or worried that it won’t work out

✔You don’t want to disappoint your family and partner by doing anything they’d disapprove of, because their opinion means a lot to you

✔You’re plagued with guilt when you do things just for yourself, your loved ones could benefit from the money and the time you want to spend on something you don’t need 

✔You rarely ask for help and try to do a lot of things on your own because you don’t want to be a burden to anyone 

✔Everybody gets your Sunday best while you settle for the raggedy old hand-me-downs