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    Reflecting on the 2018 Holiday Season

    Count on the holiday season to test every emotion possible. I think I’ve finally made a full recovery from Christmas:  I needed an entire week to get back on track but it’s New Year’s Eve and my mind is swimming with goals and dreams for 2019.   Christmas. I’ve loved the idea of Christmas since I was a little girl, All of the presents! All of the smiles and belly- laughs, All. Of. The. Food Christmas songs and movie classics–Home Alone anyone? The reality of it, on the other hand, had a strong dose of mayhem which turned me into a meh- fan of Christmas. I must say though, this…

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    Happiness,  Resilience

    The #1 Mindset Shift You Need for 2019

    HOW IS 2019 JUST 3 WEEKS AWAY?! It blows my mind at how quickly this year has gone by. I remember looking at the calendar in January and thinking, Gosh, there’s still another week of this month left?!?! This year’s going to go by real slow.” And now I’m thinking, “How is there only 3 weeks left until we reign in the new year?!?!?” But here we are nonetheless, firing up the New Year’s Resolutions machine to finally get started on the life we truly desire. I’m notorious for having New Year’s Resolutions that last for less than I’m willing to admit. This year is going to be different though…