Who Am I?

Just a Toronto-based “millennial” learning to adult one step at a time and  sharing what I learn as I go along.

What’s My Situation?

Up until August 2017, I was gung-ho on med school. But after completing a degree in neuroscience, I took a hard look at the life I was hurtling towards and realized I didn’t actually want it. As it turns out, the decisions I made as a child didn’t suit the adult I had become and for some reason that made me feel guilty. It was a scary change, it’s always scary to leave stability for the unknown, but I realized that trading happiness for certainty was a bad deal, so I made some moves and here I am.

What I Know?

I love motivating people.
I love learning about the mechanisms behind the brain and the mind.
I want us to work together to be our best selves.

This site is a piece of what I got when I put that all together.

Why the “MeddlingMind”?

Remember the villain at the end of every Scooby Doo episode, “Why, if it weren’t for those meddling kids!” That’s how I view the thoughts in our mind. Good or bad, those thoughts affect our behaviors, feeling and actions. The Meddling Mind blog uses the power of positive, empowering thoughts, resilience and action-based steps to build a bridge between where we are and where we want to be. I’m also a huge fan of alliteration.

What Will You Find Here?

Blog posts, tips, tricks to reach your optimal performance and peace of mind!

I know that I know nothing.

 – Socrates

So, I don’t know what this means… but I like to think he’s telling us the wise never stop learning.