7 Reasons Why You Need a Morning Routine Part 2

7 Reasons Why You Need a Morning Routine Part 2

Morning routines are vital to my day. Back in high school, I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the moment my alarm clock went off. It’s a different story now. The bond between my bed, sleep and myself has blossomed to one that is unbreakable. A morning routine is a huge cockblock but truthfully it is the only intermediary to get me out of bed. It is the best solution to bridge the gap between me being pissed off my slumber has come to an end and a fantastic day. In my post 7 Reasons Why You Need a Morning Routine Part 1, I break down the first four reasons to have a morning routine. Check it out here for a quick refresher. Let’s proceed to the last three reasons.

5. Control over the day.

You, my dear friend, are in complete and utter control of the way you live your life. With every passing day, the world requires more and more of your attention. If we don’t supply ourselves with the energy we need to face those requests, we can quickly find ourselves a victim of our own circumstances. Like the oxygen mask theory goes, you need to help yourself put on your own oxygen mask before you can assist someone else with theirs. You’re no good to anyone if you yourself are struggling to function well. A morning routine provides that self-care buffer for you to greet the day on your terms.

6. Walk a path with clear intentions.

Have you ever watched the way water travels? It follows the path of least resistance. Whichever way is easiest, there it will flow. Sometimes we find ourselves doing the same thing when we choose not to engage those self-control muscles to refrain from taking a third donut, or snooze our many alarms. Starting the morning with time for yourself allows you to declare the perfect day for you. This primes your brain to seek out the parts of the day that align with the one you’ve envisioned. So when the wannabe NASCAR driver cuts you off on your way to work 30 minutes later, you’ll have an easier time getting back to the calm mood you were in before.

7. Increase Productivity

Every now and then, I convince myself that I’ll get working on my laptop before I have to leave out the house at 8am. Wishful thinking at its finest. It’s in those moments I remember that productivity doesn’t necessarily mean doing work. Instead it can look like making my bed, tidying up my desk and doing some organizing. Those small yet impactful acts give me the feeling of accomplishment, which then encourages me to push forward and complete the daunting assignments.

Journalling with a cup of warm beverage is a beautiful way to start the day.

What My Morning Routine Looks Like.

On the days I wake up with ample time to do my routine, I:

  • Drink a warm glass of lemon water, 
    • Benefits: It aids in digestion, is a great source of Vitamin C while providing a nice breath freshener.
  • Devotional/Prayer
    • Benefits: I use this time to connect to my higher power and spirituality. It’s a reminder that I’m only one of many souls on this earth (aka the world does not evolve around me LOL) with a purpose to serve
  • 10-minute meditation
    • Benefits: Reduces stress, alleviates pain, improves memory and sleep and more. The biggest improvement I’ve experienced since meditating has been living more in the present. I used to dwell on the past a lot or think too far ahead. Since meditating, I’ve gotten better at drawing myself back to the moment.  
  • Journaling
    • Benefits: Provides a better understanding of our feelings, serves as a memory bank and helps us better process our experiences. The way I journal fluctuates regularly. Some days, I make a voice recording of the day before, or talk out whatever is on my chest. Other days, I write out my 10 dreams and goals, courtesy of Rachel Hollis. This exercise helps prime my mind for the life I want to live in the future and seek out ways I can manifest it now.
  • Yoga 
    • Benefits: Improves physical health, deep breathing and flexibility. I love to do a few minutes of yoga in the morning. It serves as the exercise I do for the day, increasing my heart rate and oxygen flow to my body.
I love me some yoga in the morning.

But you don’t feel like having a morning routine.

I get it, I experience this all the time. There are days when the idea of spending 30-minutes just priming myself for the day just feels boring and tedious. These are usually the mornings when I don’t quite wake up on the right side of the bed, especially when I didn’t execute my nighttime routine.

In the moment, it may not be enjoyable but there’s something to be said about momentum. Starting is always the hardest. Especially when it requires you to leave an extremely warm and cozy bed. Self-discipline is your best friend in those instances. It’s necessary to help you bypass your current feelings and focus on the way you’ll feel after completing your routine. 

Take the morning to fill your cup to the brim with all the energy, contentment, wisdom and positivity you can muster. It’s only until all of that straight up magic is overflowing that you should present yourself to the world. And remember, it’s only the overflowing goodness that you should be giving away.

What does your morning routine look like?

A morning routine is going to be different for everyone because it is tailored to what gets you to be your best. Do you like to exercise first thing? Record your thoughts? Sip a warm cup of coffee? Choose whatever works for you and begin!

You won’t always be able to get through your entire routine every morning and that’s completely fine. The main idea is that you make you-time a priority. If your schedule is anything like mine, there are many people and projects that demand your attention and every time you want to have the ability to put your best foot forward. A morning you decide on reinforces the control you have over the trajectory of your day and your life.  

How does the rest of your day turn out when you’ve done your morning routine? Leave a comment below!

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