7 Reasons Why You Need a Morning Routine Part 1
Your morning routine may include mindfully sipping a warm cup of coffee.

7 Reasons Why You Need a Morning Routine Part 1

I swear by morning routines. It’s the energy booster I need to prep me for the day ahead. I began taking my morning routine seriously earlier this year and I noticed a big difference soon after. It surprises me that I went years and years without one. My morning routine is such an essential part of my day that I get thrown off when I skip it. 

Why Should You Have a Morning Routine?

Morning routines shape the trajectory of the day’s start. A day that begins well is a good indication of how the rest of the day will go. But truth be told, a solid morning routine starts the night before. Click here to read my post about nighttime routines. There is nothing I hate more in the morning than having to rush to get everything done. I prefer to do all that I can at night, like packing a lunch, getting my clothes set out, planning the day, that way the morning is less rushed and or thus more enjoyable. 

1. A Morning Routine Improves Personal Growth

 A fundamental aspect that’s needed to start your day on the right foot is time designated to personal growth. The main reason all the 5am club people endorse waking up while the bats are still flying around is to get the hour or two of uninterrupted self care in. 

The bigger the gap you put between prep time and go time, the better off you’ll be. Imagine you’re a swimmer at your meet. You don’t want to hear your name called while you’re still in the change room wrestling with your swimsuit and looking for your goggles. There would be no time for you to get your head in the game and mentally set yourself up for success. You’d be too busy rushing just to get out on deck.

I view my morning in the similar fashion. The race starts when I leave the house therefore my pre-game routine starts when I wake up. Huge disclaimer: racing in this example is equivalent to facing the day with all that awaits you once you leave your house. LOL.

2. It Sets the Pace for the Day. 

Nothing and noone can make you feel any way without your permission.

You get to decide how you function. When you move at a reasonable pace you tell your body and mind what you want them to do. When you wake up with enough time to thoughtfully go through your morning routine, you prepare yourself for a good morning. Think about it this way, you would most likely be more peeved at public transit delays if you had already been rushing to get out the door. On the other hand, you would have better control over your frustration about public transit if you had an enjoyable morning. 

Journalling = therapy in a book

3. A Morning Routine Helps With Mindfulness

I find the morning to be one of the best times of the day to practice mindfulness before the work day has started. There are less distractions and interpersonal interactions. If you’re able to prime your mind to focus on the present and pay attention to all senses available to you, it’s easier for you to retrieve that practice when you need it, like if you’re feeling overwhelmed. 

4. It Helps You Move Slower. 

I know girl, you might be thinking, “Why on earth would I want to move slower?” It sounds strange but hear me out.

When you mindfully pay attention to the tasks we do, you allow yourself the time to engage all senses available to you to process that particular moment. Think about how your warm cup of coffee feels in your hand, the smell and taste of the toothpaste as you brush your teeth or the reflection of the sunshine on your wall.

There isn’t enough time to truly appreciate these moments when we are rushing and relying on our muscle memory to get through the day without being present. We already say that life is too short. Perhaps then we can slow it down a little by drawing ourselves back to the present moment. Likewise, it is in those instances that we may find solutions to unresolved thoughts and emotions.

Strive to Be Your Best.

Morning routines are essential to our success on all levels. It provides the spiritual, emotional, physical and/or mental resources we need to be our best. It can give you all four depending on the routine that best suits you. I imagine it as putting on the armor I need to face the day with some love, grace and grit.

How does your morning routine set the tone for your day?

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