5 Motivational Speakers Who’ve Changed My Life

5 Motivational Speakers Who’ve Changed My Life

I have an obsession with all things personal development. If there’s a book on how to think better, live better, do better, I’m getting my hands on it. I soak up those videos with the motivational captioned quotes said by a famous person, as their voice plays in the background… you know those ones with the backdrop of a mountain or a tree? Yeah, love them! When I get to see a motivational speaker in person, oh ho, you bet I’m in self improvement heaven. I admire these people because they actually live the lives they speak of (I know, it’s hard to tell since we only see a fraction of their lives), show where they started and the drastic shift they made to be where they are now. Here are 5 motivational speakers who’ve changed my outlook on life. 

Tony Robbins

Biggest Takeaway: Emotions are the ultimate resource. 

This guy is a force of nature. He speaks and you stop dead in your tracks. He punches his right fist into his left palm and it might as well have been a thunderclap. When he’s in the zone, you’re captivated and ready to take action. 

He preaches a very real fact: emotions drive our actions.

Me sick, is not a pretty sight. I always think I’m going to be calm and accepting of my illness but no I get annoyed, a little pissed and groany. My sickness usually knocks me out for days on end where all I want to do is lie in bed til kingdom come. I don’t feel like doing anythinggg, to get up to use the washroom is a 5-minute theatrical production. The upbeat and positive Elle, is no where to be found. You get the picture.

Feel good, do good?

When my mindset is on point and I feel great though, I am unstoppable! I’m bouncing off the walls and smiling so wide my cheeks hurt with Diddy & Mase’s track, Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down on a loop in my head.

Can’t nobody hold me down, oh no, I got to keep on moooovinnn’.

We act in alignment with how we feel. When you fall in love, with that tasty tasty pecan butter tart that just melts in your mouth, it’s like you’re floating on cloud 9. When you’re surprised, your heart skips a beat and you scream ….or attack.

I hear Tony’s voice in my head when I want to take new action: get excited!

Marie Forleo

Biggest Takeaway: Everything is figureoutable. 

EVERYTHING IS FIGUREOUTABLE. Now I don’t about you but when I first heard that phrase, I was intrigued. Like everything. Really?

How about retiring my parents though I’m currently tens of thousand dollars in debt?

What about eating all the maple walnut ice cream while being lactose intolerant? 

She says I can do those things. All I need to know right now is that I am capable of figuring it out. 

She has a point.

When I first hosted my online coaching workshop, Reframe Your Thoughts, I was all kinds of scared and unprepared. I had never hosted an online anything before, yet alone a workshop. Oh and to top it all off, I was to do all of this in four weeks. Where would these people come from? What would I say? How do you reframe your thoughts? My mind was a mixed sea of motivating and unhelpful thoughts with plenty of moments when I thought to pull the plug. But I stuck it out and successfully hosted the workshop. Was everything perfect? Nope, but I figured it out.  

How about you?

Have you ever been in a predicament where you didn’t know if you were going to make it out alive but there you were, taking one step forward each moment? Of course you have! That’s what life is about, extinguishing fires, adapting to new situations and problem solving. 

And you may be thinking, “Elle, the examples you gave are doable! You can work to pay off your debt and retire your parents in a few years or find maple walnut dairy free ice cream options!” This is true. Maybe you’re looking for love, or leaving a relationship or just want to unapologetically be yourself despite the opinions of others. Those are tough ones. What keeps me going is the knowledge that there are many women who have come before me and have figured it out. If they can do it, we can too.

Rachel Hollis

Biggest Takeaway: Get comfy with the uncomfy. 

I got hooked on this woman’s message after reading her book, Girl, Stop Apologizing. She reaffirms that women can have our cake and eat it too. She encourages us to take up space, do our thing and enjoy our lives especially when everyone around us drops their two cents on what we can’t, shouldn’t be, or do.

I’m 10000% with her on that. “They” don’t get a say in what we do, who we are and what we get to be…they aren’t living our lives. 

Guess where we mustn’t be to achieve that growth? You got it, our comfort zones!

The comfort zone is a horrible place to be in, in my opinion. When I’m smack dap in the middle of mine, I’m scared of what’s “out there.” I keep doing the same thing over and over again and stop learning anything new.

When we’re not growing, we’re regressing. Poor habits begin to form and autopilot settles into the driver’s seat of life and takes over.

When we’re not growing, we’re regressing. Poor habits begin to form and autopilot settles into the driver’s seat of life and takes over. Click To Tweet

Autopilot vs. Conscious Thought

At that point, how are we any different from robots? Doing what we’ve been programmed to do. It’s like taking the same exact route to work every morning and having difficulty recalling how you got there. 

Except what happens when there’s a collision one morning that forces you to take a detour? Now you’re awake, consciously figuring out a different route to get to work and learning something new. 

Remember, everything that’s comfortable for you now once wasn’t. Is it still enjoyable? Do you feel that excitement the way you once used to? What needs to shift for you to get back there? That’s where life starts to get real exciting. 

Stacey Flowers 

Biggest Takeaway: Surround yourself with a close knit network of people who play different roles in your life. 

I literally discovered Stacey the same week I wrote this post, when she made a guest appearance on Rachel Hollis’ Rise podcast. 

Shortly after, I watched her Ted talk on the 5 people you need to be happy, hot damn, it’s superb! I was captivated from the very beginning. I wasn’t even urged to skip ahead, the 18 minutes went by in 5. 

She had naysayers left and right telling her what she couldn’t do and who she couldn’t be. She nearly believed them. All it took was for one person to say otherwise that set her on a path of greatness, serving others while giving back to her community and providing for her family.

The top people I spend the most time around support my vision. If they didn’t, I either wouldn’t be here or they wouldn’t be in my inner circle. More than this, it’s important to have those people in different stages of their lives to you so that you can continue to learn, teach and grow.

Who is your core 5? Are you all at different stages and levels of life? Do find yourself learning from this group and getting inspired by them? What can you do to improve those relationships. 

Gary John Bishop

Biggest Takeaway: Don’t break the promises you make to yourself. Make sure your actions align with your words. 

This guy doesn’t mess around, he gives it to you straight. Especially when you’re not ready for it. Lol. His no-nonsense mentality is a mirror for my, well… nonsense. I think back to my high school days when I’d procrastinate because I thought that life would be so boring if I ran out of things to do, ahem, and by that I mean run out of things to think about doing. I enjoyed busyness, it made me feel productive. But also very stressed and overwhelmed. The narrative was I don’t want to look like I’m not doing my work.

I’m singing a different tune now. I know the direction I’m going on, I have goals and milestones to reach that makes procrastinating a waste of my time.

Can you trust yourself?

The goals I don’t achieve are the ones where there’s misalignment with what I said and what I did. Wake up at a certain time, exercise that day, say “no”. It took me a while to see that I didn’t trust myself to make decisions helpful to my success since I was constantly breaking the promises I made to myself. Think about it this way, how likely are you to trust someone after they’ve broken their promise to you? Less! Exactly. Yet how many times are we breaking the promises we make to ourselves?

It’s been a slow and painful process to gain that trust back with myself but has it been worth it? Hell yes!


These 5 motivational speakers have changed my outlook on life. I’ve learned about myself and uncovered a few more layers of the complex that is me. Their words of wisdom have played at a time in my life when I needed it and for that I am grateful.

Who are some motivational speakers you’ve been impacted by? Leave a comment below!

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